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As a former Special Assistant United States Attorney and JAG prosecutor, I came to understand that each case rises and falls on its own merits.  There are no two identical crimes - meaning there are mitigating and aggravating factors that must be weighed in the balance.  I've carried these lessons with me in my current capacity as an Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney in Smyth County.

Smyth County:  A safe place to live, raise our families, and work.

Keeping Smyth County safe is my first priority. My office will accomplish this by focusing prosecutorial efforts on combatting violent crime, such as burglary, rape, and murder. I have no tolerance for child and elder abuse and will drive efforts to combat these heinous crimes. Lastly, this priority will be accomplished by keeping our highways free from impaired drivers.


A Fierce Advocate for LEOs

I couldn't be a stronger advocate for our law enforcement officers. They are the tip of the spear when it comes to protecting and securing our community. Simply put: I consider an attack on law enforcement one of the most violent acts a person could make. As your next Commonwealth's Attorney, I will zealously prosecute these attacks with vigor.


Focused efforts on nonviolent offender sentencing

We have to hold wrongdoers accountable, punish them effectively, and deter others from committing similar crimes. Though, jail at the taxpayers expense isn't always the right solution - especially for a nonviolent offender. Instead of incarceration for a nonviolent offense, I vow to establish a robust alternative sentencing program that will sentence wrongdoers to community service and rehabilitative programs instead of minimal jail time.


Combatting Substance Abuse and Distribution

Meth, Fentanyl, and other controlled substance abuse and distribution have plagued Southwest Virginia for the last decade. This is a problem that we simply cannot arrest our way out of. I pledge to aggressively pursue justice and strive to eradicate meth and other illegal controlled substances from our county. But equally important, I will be a strong advocate for rehabilitating substance abusers and returning them to their loved ones as productive members of society.

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